I See Dead People

Sorry I’ve been a ghost of myself lately around here and haven’t posted in a while. It’s been crazy busy for me and yet not a lot to show for it.(don’t worry this is not a rant post)

Good thing I always have my milk in the morning with my cereal to keep me going, and to my surprise it looks like I may have found some great fortune in it!

Lets take a look!

BEWARE! This is not Casper the friendly ghost. It’s Casper the un-friendly ghost! Release him at your own peril!!!

Check it out! It’s Casper the Friendly Ghost! What luck! He and I can become best friends forever. I can just see us now frolicking and having the greatest time ever! What a great day for me to find a friend forever trapped in one of my own bottles of milk!

I can’t wait to open it and release him from this prison! What could go wrong? He’s the friendly ghost!!!

What’s that you  say? Warning? What warning? They probably wrote that to keep him trapped there. It’s just nonsense! Just look at his sweet innocent eyes…

Uh Oh…

BTW- Does anyone realize that Casper is a children’s cartoon about a dead kid? Justsayin…

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