So my name is Thomas and I work as a Graphic Designer in a big office.

Ok, so the part about working in an office is the important part here. Now I just want to say that I am also a human being, not a a robot (well at least not yet, but I have BIG plans), and as such I need to eat from time to time and one of the things I like to eat is breakfast.

Well generally, I like to have cereal for breakfast and eating cereal requires milk unless you’re not human (again I’m not a robot yet) and I like to keep my milk in the office ‘fridge. Now in this office we share one refrigerator and since I’m on a fairly busy floor there are quite a few other people who also share it, so as you might guess many hands go in and out of the refrigerator on a constant basis.

One day as I usually do in the morning, I go to get my milk and as I take it from the ‘fridge I notice it is at least a third more empty than when I last placed it there. Somebody was drinking my FRIGGIN milk!

Upon this realization I did what any other normal salt of the earth human being would have done.(I won’t mention the robot thing again. Promise) I began to write crazy warnings on my milk as to why this mysterious thief should not commit this act again. These warnings started off small whacky things I’d write, then they progressed into a light drawing or 2 to add to the words.

Now? Well now they’ve evolved into something much more and this blog is a means for me to share how far they have gone and how far off the deep end I’m going.

Come join me on my new milk jug drawing adventure, won’t you? Maybe we can discover a means of me regaining my sanity together?

9 thoughts on “About

    … To bad the zombies are taking over!!

    PS: Lady Gaga is performing in Orlando soon so I’ll give you all the information as soon as I can. 🙂

    • Thanks! But now I have to disinfect the blog since you mentioned Lady Blah Blah on it. Site will be down a few weeks.
      Sorry everybody. Blame Yourfavoritesister-in-law

      • If I were you I wouldn’t waste my time. They’ll be in charge by then!!!!
        BTW: I don’t think anyone will notice the site is down anyways!! 🙂

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