It’s Science!

I just want to tackle a myth that’s been going around about drinking other people’s milk.

Some people believe that participating in such an act would put you at risk of acquiring someone else’s germs through some type of mouth to mouth fluid transfer. I am here to tell you that is total and complete nonsense and as everyone who knows me knows that I am the world’s foremost leading authority in lactolengualchemology.(it’s a real science. look it up I don’t have time to explain it)

As you can see in the graph below, statistics clearly show that fluid transfer is minimal
at best.

Well, you have to look at it a certain way to see that. Trust me, I’m a doctor.

With that in mind, I decided to use my latest milk as a billboard to speak my mind on behalf of this cause. I really feel people need to know.

Do I like to drink from the bottle?
Should that be a concern of yours?
Studies show that drinking from the bottle only provides about 72% total backwash, so that should leave you about 28% chance of not getting any of my saliva…

So, I hope that dispels some of these outrageous claims of saliva contamination and besides, getting a little saliva is just like getting a little kiss from me and who doesn’t
want that?

I mean, here’s a photo of myself I just took with my cel phone.


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