Smart Milk!

First off I want to say sorry for the delay in my next post. I got all caught up in the Giants winning the Super Bowl, an event you of course know that I already knew the outcome of. (If you don’t know I already predicted it, that means you didn’t read my first post. If you didn’t read my first post then, what’s wrong with you? I slave for hours over a milk bottle plotting and drawing to make you happy and you just come in to this blog and glance right past it like some fancy pants post…passing uhhhhh…guy…errr…gal…whatever)

In other words I TOLD YOU DO SO!!!

Anywhoo. For my next bottle I started to go into more of a writing exercise. No art here.
I tried to be more subtle with this one. Check it!

Oh hey, it’s you again! Are you here to drink my milk? Well guess what? It’s your lucky day! I just read a report that states that when you share someone’s milk, you also share their intelligence. Lucky for you I’m pretty SMRT!

So the idea was basically to let people know that if they drank the milk, they would become as smart as me by a transfer of my awesome smart genes through the milk! This time I was trying to be helpful! Coincidentally, I noticed right after that a few people in the office became progressively dumber. I have no idea why.

BTW-for those of you who may not get the SMRT reference, I guess you’re not as smort and you thought you were. Who’s the smrt one now? Huh? I’ll wait.

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