It Has Begun!!!

As I stated in my previous post I would begin the next by starting from the beginning, so here we go!

When I first noticed someone had started taking my milk without permission I thought I needed to do something about it. That’s when it came to me to start writing warnings on my milk.

Now, I could have just written my name to mark it as mine, or gone the other way and wrote something disgusting like I spit in it, but that is just not how I roll Playa.

Then it dawned on me who is someone I would not mess with? Did you say Dr.Doom? Then great, you are correct! If this milk belonged to him I’d make it a point to stay away. He’s got enough trouble dealing with the Fantastic Four, he sure as hell doesn’t need me messing with his stuff! (stop trying to tell me he’s not real. You know he is and he’s watching you right now!)

Here it is!

Ahh yes. You again, here to drink my milk, Excellent! Just a few more sips and your mind will belong to me! You will do my bidding! First you, then the office, the THE WORLD! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! —Dr.Doom

This was before I really started adding a lot of art to the bottles so there’s just the small illustration of Doom’s mask, but it’s very effective. Look again.



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