Are You Ready for Some FOOTBAALLLL!!!!!

It’s Super Bowl Time!

For my first post I thought I would start a bit different.

Originally I planned to start chronologically with my milk posts. From the earliest to the latest and greatest, just so you could see how I was evolving with this, but I forgot that the Super Bowl was this weekend and I wanted to honor that.

Well, because I have the ability to travel through time, I created a milk that reveals the outcome. *SPOILERS* The Giants win!

As you can see this milk has a sign that says “Lombardi Trophy. Only to be removed by NFL Champs” to deter would be milk thiefs. Then it transitions to the
Lombardi trophy and on the final side shows the Giants logo breaking through the wall because they win!

I’ll start from the beginning on my next post. Promise.

GO GIANTS!!! (although I know they already won)

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